The Big Picture

Chase’s Daily was conceived as an extension of our interests.  We are inspired by process—growing, cooking, and baking—but our goals run the gamut: the importance of fair-play, year-round employment, slow-growth, equal opportunity, community accessibility, conservation, profitability, beauty, consistency, value, design, and taste.

For us, the big picture is a matrix of social and environmental concerns underlined by a cussed pursuit of quality in everything we do. 

In some ways we are outliers:  we don’t serve meat, we are not organic, we are a family business without hierarchy, we’re not joiners, we serve dinner but once a week, and until now, we had no website.  Never have we looked for a platform to sing our own praises, and we will not do that here, only to say that our product—plate of food, inviting space, lively produce, hand-shaped loaf, convivial service—is the evidence of a commitment to sustainability.  We want to feed you.