This Too Floral Design


We have grown flowers from the start.  From well before Chase’s Daily opened, and even before the days of the Belfast Farmer’s Market, flowers jostled for space with the more practical food crops in our gardens.  Today, we grow several acres of blooms, careful successions for a steady supply, which we market with our produce at Chase's Daily.  Our flowers are sustainably grown:  stripes of cover crops gleam green between each riotous row of color, and birds and pollinators animate the rows.  Nature loves a polyculture. The diversity of our rows minimizes the challenge of pests and diseases, and our flower field thrives. Our blooms are fresh, strong, and clean.


Flowers are a physical marker of the brevity of time in ways other sources of beauty don’t share. The adage “This Too Shall Pass" mirrors the ache, the commingling of good and ill and its extremes, which flowers serve to commemorate in our lives.  Growing, designing, and providing flowers for our community holds a singular place in our busy farm and restaurant work.  By naming what we do, we hope to signify the importance of This Too in our lives.


Friday’s Flowers

In addition to the harvest for Chase's Daily, Penny and Meg are offering a subscription service for the 2017 seasonFriday’s FlowersEach subscription consists of a bucket of flowers delivered on four consecutive Fridays to Chase’s Daily.  Always different week to week, and though not arranged, the flowers and greenery will be chosen with harmony and style.  An excellent choice for businesses, flower lovers, and those customers wanting the certainty of flowers set aside just for them each week. Pricing and details are listed in the shop.


Design Services

Meg and Penny welcome the opportunity to design for special occasions and look forward to expanding the breadth of design services offered each year.  Shotgun wedding?  Baby shower?  Memorial service?  Party?  Please contact us to discuss options.



Bulk Flowers

During the height of the harvest season—July through September—This Too has bulk flowers available each week for professional floral designers, and for do-it-yourself event designers.  Sold by the bucket, flowers are freshly picked for your event and include a mix of focal flowers, airy fillers, and greenery.  Bulk flowers are available for pick-up at Chase’s Daily on Thursdays.  Bucket prices range from $70 for a bucket of growers’ choice blooms, to $85 per bucket for specific color and/or flower requests. We love fulfilling these bulk orders!   Please contact us to reserve your date.

Romy’s Edible Bouquets

For the past three years Romy Lafage has been selling edible flower bouquets each week at Chase’s Daily.  At eleven, she is a third generation flower farmer and designer and is excited for special orders of her edible flowers.  Sold on the stem to maintain freshness, Romy’s edible flower bouquets include a range of colors and forms and a diverse array of flowers and herbs.  Edible flowers are typically available mid-June through September.  Please contact us to order.



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